Products and Services

Products and Services
  • Propane tanks for lease and sale
  • Propane tank installations
  • Service on company-owned and customer-owned tanks
  • Customer-site forklift cylinder fills (minimum number of cylinders required)
  • Motor fuel
  • Propane cylinder sales and fills, at our Bridgeport office
  • RV propane tank fills, at our Bridgeport office
  • We offer a remote monitoring service for both residential and commercial customers; please contact us for details.
  • We service the following areas:
    • Wise County
    • Montague County
    • Denton County, portions
    • Jack County, portions
    • Cooke County, portions
    • Parker County, portions
    • Tarrant County, portions
Delivery options We offer two delivery options.
  1. Will Call. You watch your tank, and when the level gets down to twenty percent (20%) you call us, and we deliver propane. We usually come the next day, but when it’s cold or really busy, we may need a couple of days to get there, so please don’t wait until you are empty.
  2. Worry Free. We watch your tank for you, and keep it filled.
A few things to know about propane tanks.
  1. Propane tanks are “full” when they are at eighty percent (80%.) There must be enough room in the tank for vapor.
  2. If your propane tank is empty, we are required by law to do a leak check, and someone will need to be home. The cost is $65.
Payment Plans 1st Propane offers four payment options.
  1. COD. If you are a first-time customer with us, or you own your propane tank, you can give us a credit card number when you order propane, and we will charge the card after we deliver. Or, you can pay with a check on delivery; no temporary checks are accepted, and we ask that you put your birthdate and driver license number on your check.
  2. Open account. Our payment terms are Net 15 days. This is reserved for current customers whose accounts are in good standing.
  3. Prepaid. From time to time, we will offer customers the opportunity to pre-buy their propane at an advantageous price. This typically happens in the summer, when prices are low.
  4. Budget Plan. We work with our customers to estimate their annual usage, and then calculate a monthly payment which will cover the estimated annual propane costs. Customers need to have at least 100 gallons of propane in their tank when the Plan period begins. The Budget Plan begins in May, and in the following April, we “true-up” the account.
We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. You may also pay via our website, with your credit card or electronic check. You will need to know your customer ID, and create a username / password combination. If you do not know your customer ID, please call us. Please feel free to call with any questions.

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